Our architectural services are meticulously structured to guide projects from initial concepts to final execution. We follow a series of well-defined phases that ensure thorough planning, precise execution, and outstanding results. Our process is aligned with the standards commonly recognised in Austria.

Our Expertise:

  1. Master Planning:
    • This phase involves the creation of a comprehensive plan for the development of a site. It includes assessing the potential uses of the land, infrastructure planning, and ensuring the project aligns with long-term goals and community needs.
  2. Feasibility Study:
    • A feasibility study evaluates the viability of the project. It includes site analysis, legal and regulatory considerations, budget estimation, and risk assessment to determine if the project is achievable.
  3. Concepts:
    • In this phase, initial design ideas and concepts are developed. It involves brainstorming and sketching out possible design solutions to meet the project’s objectives and requirements.
  4. Preliminary Design:
    • This stage refines the initial concepts into more detailed preliminary designs. It includes schematic drawings and preliminary cost estimates, setting the foundation for further development.
  5. Design Development:
    • The design is further developed and detailed in this phase. It includes detailed plans, sections, and elevations, along with material selection and specifications. This phase ensures all aspects of the design are thoroughly considered.
  6. Approval Planning:
    • This phase involves preparing and submitting the necessary documents to obtain building permits and approvals from relevant authorities. It includes detailed drawings, reports, and forms required for regulatory compliance.
  7. Construction Documentation:
    • Detailed construction documents are prepared in this phase. It includes comprehensive drawings and specifications that contractors will use to construct the project. This phase ensures that every detail is accounted for and clearly communicated.
  8. Tendering and Awarding:
    • This phase involves preparing tender documents, inviting bids from contractors, and evaluating submissions. It includes selecting the best contractor based on cost, experience, and ability to meet the project requirements.
  9. Construction Supervision:
    • During construction, we provide on-site supervision to ensure the project is built according to the plans and specifications. This phase includes regular site visits, quality control, and coordination with contractors.
  10. Project Closeout:
    • This final phase includes the completion and handover of the project. It involves final inspections, addressing any deficiencies, and ensuring the client is satisfied with the outcome.

Why Choose Tomić Han for Urban Design?

Choosing Tomić Han means partnering with a team that combines academic excellence with practical experience. Our architecture services are informed by the latest research and driven by a commitment to sustainability and community well-being. With are experts who are at the forefront of architectural research and practice and this is why we are equipped to handle the most challenging projects.

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